I have not blogged for so many years, and I wonder is it me or is blogging not that interesting anymore?

There are so many other internet “activities” that replace blogging today, i.e.: face booking, twittering, instagram-ing, etc.

Those are much easier to do then writing, don’t you think?



Gimana ga banjir…

Jakarta is predicted to suffer from the flood in the end of 2011 or early 2012. Yah sebenernya ga perlu seorang ahli geofisika atau insinyur nuklir (apa hubungannya juga) untuk memprediksi tentang banjir di Jakarta.

Wong daerah tertentu selalu terendam banjir dikala hujan, daerah tertentu pasti banjir ketika pasang air laut, dan daerah tertentu terendam air senantiasa.

Berikut quote dari cnn mengenai banjir besar di Bangkok, Thailand (2011):

“Perversely, Bangkok’s new international Suvarnabhumi Airport (opened in 2006) occupies an area called Nong Ngu Hao (meaning Cobra Swamp) which used to be a floodplain. It is protected by a dike and remains open.
The IUCN says natural floodplains are important in storing water during floods and in combination with wetlands and natural river channels can limit the impact of flooding.
“It’s a classic case of urbanization being done blindly,” says Ganesh Pangare, head of IUCN’s water program in Asia.
“The drains have gone, the floodplains have gone, the plants that soak up the water have gone. This is a wake-up call to unplanned growth,” he said.”

Relativity of time

When I started teaching this afternoon, I thought -“I am so tired, Im gonna end the lecture in 30 minutes” (It was supposed to be 2 hour lecture)

Apparantly, what Mr. Einstein said was correct. He said (liberally restated), time will run so slow if you are bored but it will run so fast if you are excited.

For some unknown reasons, I talked and talked, and might get myself excited talking about the boring financial ratios. I didnt realize it was almost two hours. ‘No wonder the students were looking so agitated, wanting to go home’, me thinking.

Moral of the story is that if you enjoy what you doing, you make people feels agitated.. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

*karena bosen marking… saya mo menceritakan kisah seru ini..

The situation happened several weeks (or months) ago.
While I was intensely driving the car (read: ngebut), my girlfriend suddenly yelled.. KECOOOOOOAAAAAA..
(read: a yucky insect with six legs, can fly a.k.a cockroach).
Obviously, it shocked me too. Lucky my reflex was still okay. I didnt panicked and stirred wildly. Calmly, i looked for paper to swat it. SMACKKKK!!! (down)

Several days after, when I was driving, too. That little bug came out again. This time I was alone.. And I was quite used to this now. So, no paper needed anymore.. SMACKKK!!

But it occured several times after. (okay, it is not the same cockroach obviously. It just means that there are several. I just want to make sure you are following.. doh!)

Well, I dont want to be seen as a dirty filthy person, especially by my girlfriend. And of course, I also hate insects. I hate them more because they inhabited my car.. without paying rents.
So I decided to buy an insect repellant spray.

One night, I sprayed the car (inside, of course), and left in for the whole night. The next morning, I forgot all about it. I was hurrying to go to work. Almost late. But then when I opened the car door. I was many dead cockroaches (some still on the process, still wiggling the legs) .

Yeah.. my car became a scene of mass murder. As for the dying cockcroaches, I collected them with tissues. Then I put them on the floor, and THUDDD! Using my leg, I crushed them.

Then, I did that again yesterday. The collection of dead bodies are not as many as the day before.

I plan to do it again tonight.
Soon, I may become a serial killer… and addicted to this..

fyi.. I also hate ants.. they will receive the same fate when they unfortunately meet me.
I apologize to animal lovers..

Low energy, high spirit

Is it even possible to be very exhausted by still maintain a high spirit?

My new time table says I am going to teach 9 period in the day time on every monday. 7 period on every thursday. 8 on Friday.
In addition to it, I would also lecture 2 hours every monday, thursday and friday. (I know it is not as crazy as some work-freak collegues in my workplace)

Those are not including time invested in social (+religous) activities which may amounted to about 8 hours a week. *I am part of a church committee which like to have long meetings.

Keeping up with the schedule maybe a struggle, but manageable. But to maintain a high spirit all the time is almost impossible for me. Believe me, teaching – lecturing is actually a tough job. You have to pour out all your knowledge and skill all the time, taking almost none back. -Oh how I long for college time where I can sit (or sleep) in class..

1. Remind yourself that you are actually doing this for other people, which brings (hopefully) a greater good for human beings.
2. Make use of your leisure time properly. I suggest reading good inspirational book (for eg. Mitch Albom’s collection, etc). It gives a lift on your spirit. *this may include your holy book (read: bible)
3. Eat properly. Healthy body will support your heavy activities. A mix of chocolate drink, two coffee, fried chicken, instant noodle for breaky, lays potato chips, baskin robbins, and nasi goreng kambing is not a good example of a daily diet intake. (But lovely…)
4. Pray. So that the invisible hands help you.

Those are my suggestions. But you are welcome to enrich this post. I need variations, more ways. Hoho…

Iphone 4G

It is coming to the market sooner than expected. So far, it is still only a rumor, but it has been around in the internet for several months now.

The real question is that would 4G be available in Indonesia? Not the Iphone, but the network and provider.

My opinion: Not in near future.
My suggestion: Please buy my 3G Iphone… I want to sell it… ohooho

New year, what to do?

The new year has come. What is your plan?

I have several things on my plate to be done this year. One of it is to make more writings in this blog… hahaha.. Cliche huh!!

We’ll see ya..

Anyway, beginning this new year, I started with a small conference finding out about my plan and target for the workplace. It was a pleasant meeting for the food are plenty. Hopefully, the conference proof to be fruitful.. Ho!!